Lydia McLaughlin wearing the Escher

— January 16th, 2018

Lydia McLaughlin wearing the Escher in her latest blog post entitled Confidence. It’s a wonderful post with a lot of wisdom from the designer, author, magazine editor, and proud wife/mother that includes the saying, “A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms.” Follow OC Lydia as a source for fashion and inspiration, and catch her on the RHOC.


Photography : Steve Cowell

Escher – Azure / 24k Gold


Hidden between forests, heaths, and fens, lies Oisterwijk affectionately called ‘The Gem in the Green’ in the heart of Brabant. All over the city you will see well maintained and groomed green spaces with numerous bike paths. The historical buildings, centuries-old lime trees behind the town hall, exclusive shops in the stunning and historic De Lind, and perhaps the country’s largest terrace with 6000 chairs all add to the unique charm of Oisterwijk. It is easy to see why people call this city a true gem with restaurants, terraces, shops, and a wide range of culture and historic sites to experience. We joined Ruud Panis Brillen | Lenzen to tell us about their full service optical store and to learn more about the beautiful city of Oisterwijk in the Netherlands.

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20/20 Magazine selected the Satie in 24k Gold / Yellow as their “Frame of the Month” in their January 2018 issue. The Satie is handcrafted in Japan out of pure titanium and features lenses that have 24k Gold in the mirror coating which are produced in the Jura mountains in France.

077_TWE_0118.indd Cover LS94_SUN_Satie_24k-gld_yellow_1024x1024
Satie – 24k Gold / Yellow

Words of the Wise | Michaelangelo

— December 20th, 2017



The city of Roosendaal has a rich history dating back to the thirteenth century, growing from a small collection of neighborhoods to an internationally known business center hub. Roosendaal is a lively city with renowned shopping, restaurants, and events all year round in the city. Cyclists can enjoy an extensive network of cycle routes in the beautiful green surroundings and during the months of July to September there are all kinds of cycling events. You can also find vast forests, heathlands, museums, galleries, along with charming villages outside the city center. This industrious city is full of history, culture, and a little bit of everything for everyone.

We joined Optiek van Wely in Roosendaal to tell us about their beautiful optical store and to learn more about the city of Roosendaal in the Netherlands.
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Akoya featured on Man In Town

— December 4th, 2017

Contemporary men’s lifestyle and fashion magazine, Man In Town, featured the Akoya in their beautifully shot webitorial photo piece entitled “BEFORE A COFFEE BREAK”. View the entire feature here.

Photographer: Alexander Pershin / Stylist: Angelina Lepper / MUA & Hair: Angelo Dominelli / Model: Luca Marchesi




Akoya – Tortoise / Gold (18k)

Leisure Society was featured in the first digital eyewear design showcase for the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) along with with our fellow eyewear designers in the edCFDA (Eyewear Designers of the CFDA). The CFDA collaborated with Matt Murphy Design to produce this wonderfuly showcase for our independent eyewear design community.

See the feature on / View the entire edCFDA Digital Eyewear Design Showcase




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Savoye featured in 20/20 Magazine

— November 30th, 2017

20/20 Magazine featured the Savoye in Rose Gold / White in their December 2017 issue. The Savoye features an innovative reverse-rimless floating lens that has 18k Rose Gold in the mirror coating that is produced in the Jura mountains in France.

Dec_Cover Dec_Feature LS95_SUN_Savoye_18k-rs-gld_white_1024x1024
Savoye – Rose Gold / White

The Saville featured by Jo Yana

— November 25th, 2017

French Blogger Jo Yana is passionate about new technologies, design, fashion and beauty. His elegant website covers everything from his discoveries in hi-tech design to must-have lifestyle items, which is certainly fitting for a feature on Leisure Society. His frames of choice are the Saville with clip-on sun lenses which he purchased from one of our favorite retail partners, Le Caribou Opticiens in Paris. His feature focuses on the performance of our frames when paired with ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect optical lenses, a great combination for someone who lives a digital lifestyle in front of a screen. The convenience of our clip-on sun lenses are great for that necessary escape into the real world every once in a while.





Saville – Black Silver (12k) with Clip-On Sun Lenses

Zooey Deschanel wearing the Moresby sunglasses in this clip from ‘Your Foods Roots’, a wonderful new series that focuses on encouraging mindful consumption and providing education about sustainable living. The series is streaming for free on Facebook through a collaboration between The Farm Project, which was founded by Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik to empower initiatives that reconnect people with food, and media company ATTN..

Clip from ‘Your Foods Roots’

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 10.44.47 AM
Zooey Deschanel wearing the Moresby

Moresby – Black