First settled in the 17th century, Scarsdale is  known for its charming and spacious homes, tight knit community, and small town feel. Just 45 minutes from Manhattan, by the Metro-North train, Scarsdale is a comfortable and convenient place to live and visit. Scarsdale also houses fine dining, boutique shopping, and upscale sports and recreation venues. It’s particularly great for outdoor activities, like hiking or golfing. We caught up with Eye Q Optometrist to talk a little about their store and the lovely town of Scarsdale.

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Hidden between forests, heaths, and fens, lies Oisterwijk affectionately called ‘The Gem in the Green’ in the heart of Brabant. All over the city you will see well maintained and groomed green spaces with numerous bike paths. The historical buildings, centuries-old lime trees behind the town hall, exclusive shops in the stunning and historic De Lind, and perhaps the country’s largest terrace with 6000 chairs all add to the unique charm of Oisterwijk. It is easy to see why people call this city a true gem with restaurants, terraces, shops, and a wide range of culture and historic sites to experience. We joined Ruud Panis Brillen | Lenzen to tell us about their full service optical store and to learn more about the beautiful city of Oisterwijk in the Netherlands.

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The city of Roosendaal has a rich history dating back to the thirteenth century, growing from a small collection of neighborhoods to an internationally known business center hub. Roosendaal is a lively city with renowned shopping, restaurants, and events all year round in the city. Cyclists can enjoy an extensive network of cycle routes in the beautiful green surroundings and during the months of July to September there are all kinds of cycling events. You can also find vast forests, heathlands, museums, galleries, along with charming villages outside the city center. This industrious city is full of history, culture, and a little bit of everything for everyone.

We joined Optiek van Wely in Roosendaal to tell us about their beautiful optical store and to learn more about the city of Roosendaal in the Netherlands.
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Seattle is one of our favorite cities in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. A seaport city on the west coast of Washington State, it is surrounded by water, mountains and evergreen forests. Known for attracting young professionals and it’s booming food scene, Seattle also hosts prominent annual fairs and festivals ranging from music, film, to culture. This beautiful city is full of personality with a unique history and culture that seems to have a neverending supply of things to do, see, and eat.

We caught up with Urban Optix in Seattle to tell us about their full-service optical store and to learn more about the truly unique and beautiful city of Seattle.
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Tulsa is a city on the Arkansas River, in the state of Oklahoma. Known for its zigzag and streamlined features, it has one of the nation’s largest concentrations of Art Deco architecture with over 140 parks, plus a variety of cultural attractions and entertainment venues. Whether you’re looking for world-class art, ballet, opera or just a day at the zoo, Tulsa is a great choice for a quick getaway. On the culture front, you could spend an entire weekend touring the city’s fine museums. Theater-going opportunities and the music scene thrives with everything from country and western to indie rock at local nightlife concerts to huge music festivals. For the outdoor enthusiasts the city hosts 20 miles of paved recreation trails that run along the Arkansas River and weave past picnic areas, playgrounds, fountains, and sculptures.

We caught up with Daniel Brunson from Hicks Brunson Eyewear to tell us about their wonderful optical store and to learn more about Tulsa from his local perspective.
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To adequately describe Regensburg in one sentence would be a difficult task, this 2,000-year-old history rich city has a cultural scene just as diverse as the treasures of its old quarter. Regensburg has the best preserved medieval city in Germany and some of the region’s finest architectural heritage. Authentic buildings of outstanding quality bear witness to the town’s political, religious and economic significance during the Middle Ages. Regensburg presents a perfect combination of an inviting skyline, impressive historic monuments and legendary Bavarian hospitality.  It has countless theatre and dance shows, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, cultural attractions and also has the highest concentration of bars in Germany. We caught up with Optik Lorek to tell us more about their beautiful store and the unique city of Regensburg.

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Phoenix ranks as one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation. Its beautiful weather, red rocks and gorgeous blue sky allows you to enjoy the outdoors and the activities that come with it all year-round. But Phoenix has more to offer than “just” outdoor recreation. The Phoenix Art Museum and the Palabra Hair Art Collective are only two of the very many cultural places you can visit. Between all the fun, the locals are also always trying to follow the newest trends. Framed Ewe stays up to date when it comes to eyewear. They offer sunglasses, eyeglasses, readers & vintage frames. All from independent brands like Leisure Society. Make sure to go check out their two stores if you’re in the area, it’s worth a visit. Hopefully you’ll love them as much as we do!

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Sheinman Opticians was established in 1915 by A E Turville OBE, one of the founders of modern optometry and under the guidance of J S Sheinman since 1964, we have become one of Europe’s largest and most respected optometric practices and a pioneering clinical research centre.
Sheinman is located in Northampton, the county town of Northamptonshire, about 70 miles north-west of London. This historical city has a lot to offer. Its beautiful architecture alone makes a walk through the city unforgettable. Northampton is a sheer authentic place, where people value good quality and handmade products. It was very obvious that the people in this area put passion in everything they do. We feel that our products of Leisure Society fit in very well with that understanding of quality and appreciation. Leisure Society met with Avril Moore
 to find out more about their store and the beautiful city that it is located in.

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Optikerne på Ove progøes Plads redefines the definition of an optical store, offering only the most unique and highest quality eyewear brands. Odense, Denmark’s third largest city, dates back to pre-Viking times which offers a rich mix of historical periods and attractions to visit. Along with it’s rich historical sights, Odense offers best shopping at the Rosengaardcentret which is the largest shopping centre in all of Denmark. The city is named after Odin, the Norse god of war, poetry and wisdom, a perfect patron for a cultural and historical hotspot. Leisure Society met with Optikerne på Ove progøes Plads to report on their beautiful optical store and find out what there is to see and do for anyone visiting Odense.

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Bärtschi Optik is a full service optical store, offering only the highest quality of eyewear brands and customer service. Located in the capital city of Switzerland, Bern is beautifully scenic with lots of things to see and do for all travelers. It traces its origins back to the 12th century, with medieval architecture preserved in the thriving modern city.  Bern offers a vast amount of museums, historic landmarks, restaurants, shopping, and a lively night life. Leisure Society met with Bartschi Optik to report on their optical store, along with nearby recommendations of things to see and do for anyone visiting Bern.

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