EYEVAN Midtown Tokyo is Tokyo’s leading eyewear retailer, offering only the finest eyewear collections in the world that aren’t available anywhere else in Japan. Set in the thriving Roppongi district of Tokyo the store is part of Midtown Tokyo, a 6.1 million sq ft. space that is comprised of  stores, restaurants, offices, hotels and museums, surrounded by lush greenery. Leisure Society met with EYEVAN to report on the history of their shop, along with nearby recommendations for anyone who visits their beautiful flagship location in Tokyo.

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So close in proximity to the French town of Nice (where the two owners of this lovely store are from), is Monaco where Opticien Créateur sits. It is a sovereign city-state located on the French Riveria, bordered by France on three sides. It’s the second smallest country in the world but its principality is governed by a Prince. The mild climate, splendid scenery and gambling facilities have made Monaco world-famous as a tourist destination and recreation center for the rich and famous.
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Located in Canada’s largest and most metropolitan city, Toronto, Spectacle is home to a cosmopolitan customer population. With its three locations, Queen Street, Lawrence Park, and the Distillery District; the services and merchandise compliment the fashionable airs of what this Canadian has become famous for: good food, incredible vintage finds, indie filmmakers and quality craftsmanship in goods, that lend themselves to smaller, but profitable enterprises. You will  see from the commentary below, Spectacle supports a clear indication, that they have grasped Toronto and captured the attention of its clients.

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We all know that Paris is beautiful and the City of Light but what about zeroing in on an equally beautiful district in Paris – the 2nd arrondissement. Here, is located Le Caribou Opticiens.

Located on the right bank of The River Seine hosts an important business district, centered on the Opera National de Paris, which houses the city’s most dense concentration of activity. It is also the home of most of Paris’s surviving 19th century glazed commercial arcades such as Galerie Vivienne and passage Choiseul. Tucked away are the typical and charming cafés with restaurants that any local would eat at; and interesting places to visit, such as the perfume museum, Théâtre-Musée des Capucines.

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Saint-Tropez is known as a destination for distinguished and cosmopolitan summertime guests. It has been christened “the playground to jetsetters, fashion models and millionaires” and is most enduringly known as the place where the iconic Bridget Bardot was discovered. Located in the French Riviera, it is here that the charming boutique, The Box, is located.

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Retail Report with Clamp Optometrists

— December 4th, 2012

Clamp Optometrists are a modern independent practice located in the heart of Cambridge city centre, England. Housed in a traditional Georgian style townhouse, they provide both the highest quality in eye health care services, and a carefully considered selection of frames from the best brands, designer boutiques, and bespoke ranges. We recently caught up with Daniel Hardiman-McCartney (Optometrist and Managing Director), and Gwendoline Radley (Dispensing Optician and Practice Manager) of Clamp who shared a slice of modern Cambridge life with us.

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Retail Report with André Opticas

— November 7th, 2012

André Opticas carries the best fashion brands in the world, as well as collections from the best independent designers. Founded in 1981, with a single store in Oeiras, Portugal, housed in a traditional arched Portuguese building; André Opticas now operates four additional stores, where care and attention to detail continue to be their main driving force – juxtaposing traditional values with forward thinking design. We recently caught up with the owner, André, who shared with us a glimpse of beautiful Lisbon, Portugal, and his choices for food, fun, and leisure.

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Retail Report with Glance Optics

— August 30th, 2012

Anyone who enjoys vibrant, vital cities will fall in love with Portland, Oregon. The city manages to excel at almost every measure of urban livability from streetcars, bike commuters, microbreweries, and unforgettable food. We recently traveled to the Portland area to visit  Glance Optics and met store owners Lisa & Bob Martinsson. They took the time to fill us in on the best of the Portland area.

Departure Restaurant and Lounge at The Nines 525 Southwest Morrison Street  Portland, OR

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Retail Report with Hoff Optometry

— August 16th, 2012

Nestled in the heart of Venice Beach, Abbot Kinney Boulevard  is one of Los Angele’s hippest areas for unique shopping, featuring home-grown artists and designers in a mix of modern chic and old school. We sipped the most delicious gin and tonics and spoke with Dr. Hoff of Hoff Optometry on Abbott Kinney to find out the very best in the neighborhood.

Can you please tell us a little bit about your practice?
I am a 1992 Graduate of Southern California College of Optometry, Fullerton, CA, a 20 year Santa Monica resident, and 2 1/2 years on Abbot Kinney Boulevard – the perfect beach neighborhood, eclectic and friendly.

What are you always searching for perfection in?
A margarita

Peace, culture, or adventure? 
Peace, a quiet beach bike ride in the morning or at sunset.

Perfect souvenir?
Shells or stones. I have a jar filled with vacation finds.

Favorite BeachOcean Park. Family oriented, clean with great views north and south. At the end of Ocean Park Boulevard.

Ocean Park Beach
, July 4th 1952, 2600 Barnard Way Santa Monica, CA 90405

Your favorite store? Tortoise – Japanese novelties

1342 1/2 Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice CA 90291

Your favorite eatery? The Tasting Kitchen – small sharable plates, friendly staff

The Tasting Kitchen,
1633 Abbot Kinney Boulevard  Venice, CA 90291

Your favorite place to stay?Casa Del Mar – historic, quiet, on the beach!

Hotel Casa del Mar
1910 Ocean Way  Santa Monica, CA 90405

Thank you Dr. Hoff!