EYEVAN Midtown Tokyo is Tokyo’s leading eyewear retailer, offering only the finest eyewear collections in the world that aren’t available anywhere else in Japan. Set in the thriving Roppongi district of Tokyo the store is part of Midtown Tokyo, a 6.1 million sq ft. space that is comprised of  stores, restaurants, offices, hotels and museums, surrounded by lush greenery. Leisure Society met with EYEVAN to report on the history of their shop, along with nearby recommendations for anyone who visits their beautiful flagship location in Tokyo.

The history of your store:
In 2007 we opened our doors in Tokyo Midtown. Since then, EYEVAN has sought innovative eyewear brands. We believe eyeglasses should be thought of as an extension of one’s style.


Interesting fact about your store:
EYEVAN is a high-end eyewear specialist offering only the most authentic luxury brands.


Why did you choose to carry Leisure Society in your store:
Our EYEVAN store is located in a neighborhood with many boutiques offering luxury items. Our selections cater to people who appreciate quality and style.


What makes the neighborhood special:
The culture of Roppongi is global and eclectic. There are over 40 foreign embassies and many wide-ranging enterprises.


The best Hotel / Resort in your town:
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel
True luxury rises to new heights at The Ritz-Carlton, a five star-hotel located in the cultural, diplomatic and entertainment apex known as the Roppongi District. Here, the latest trends in food, fashion and upscale retail coexist with Tokyo’s ancient temples and nearby ruins. Atop one of the most dramatic skyscrapers in Tokyo, the hotel offers vivid panoramic views of the city lively city.


Favorite Place to Escape to:
Midtown Garden
Home of the the annual Midtown Blossom event, held in April, Midtown Garden is famous for lighting up the glorious flowering trees at night, a indoor floral art exhibition, and a ‘Street Museum.’ It offers an unique opportunity to welcome Spring in our urban city.


Favorite Nearby Stores or Businesses:
Strasburgo offers unique items from various countries with an array of traditional and cultural influences. Fine leather goods hand tailored in Italy and Paris, high quality scents from Provence, and artfully produced items from England can be found in this store which specializes in goods made to the highest standard of craftsmanship.


Favorite Bar:
Orangé Tokyo Midtown
A luxe bar specializing in French champagne located in the Midtown Corner and convenient to the Suntory Museum of Art.


Favorite Place for Nightlife:
Billboard Live Tokyo
Billboard Live Tokyo is a club/restaurant located within Tokyo Midtown, featuring an exquisite cuisine and live musical performances from top artists from Japan and overseas. The stage provides a great view at night as performances ensue in front of the huge glass wall facing Hinokicho Park.