Sheinman Opticians was established in 1915 by A E Turville OBE, one of the founders of modern optometry and under the guidance of J S Sheinman since 1964, we have become one of Europe’s largest and most respected optometric practices and a pioneering clinical research centre.
Sheinman is located in Northampton, the county town of Northamptonshire, about 70 miles north-west of London. This historical city has a lot to offer. Its beautiful architecture alone makes a walk through the city unforgettable. Northampton is a sheer authentic place, where people value good quality and handmade products. It was very obvious that the people in this area put passion in everything they do. We feel that our products of Leisure Society fit in very well with that understanding of quality and appreciation. Leisure Society met with Avril Moore
 to find out more about their store and the beautiful city that it is located in.

The history of your store:
There has been an optician on this site for 100 years! The practice was up in 1915 by one of the founders of modern optometry; A E Turville, who was heavily involved in espionage before World War Two (the original Eye-Spy!!).  Since 1964, under the guidance of John Sheinman, we have grown into one of the largest and most respected optometric practices in Europe today.


Interesting fact about your store:
We occupy four floors, keeping all the staff very fit!


Why did you choose to carry Leisure Society in your store:
For its quality and prestige, the beautiful aesthetic and principal behind the design. It is a true match for our ethos of authenticity here at Sheinman.


What makes the neighborhood special:
We are located at the centre of Eastgate, one of the Quarters that reflect Northampton’s historic and cultural past.


What do you fancy about the neighborhood:
The way Northampton is reviving its heritage as one of England’s most important historic centres.


Favorite nearby stores or businesses:
Gallone’s Ice Cream
We love Gallone’s ice cream parlour on Abington Street : another long established Northampton business still creating wonderful treats for the people of the town.


Favorite eatery:
St. Giles Garden Café
We all like to pop to The Garden Cafe around the corner for some of Trevor’s delicious home made food, in the summer we sit in their lovely courtyard garden and enjoy some tranquility in the heart of the town.


Favorite place for nightlife:
The Parlour on St Giles Street is a really classy place to go for some indulgent gin cocktails and fabulous cabaret acts, a cut above the rest; just like us!


Things you’re always searching for:
Frame range! Something unique and precious which the customer will treasure every day they wear it.


Best place to stay:
Hotel du Vin
Any Hotel du Vin and Bistro


Fondest memory:
The memory of having so many satisfied patients who return to us year on year.