Located in the Alphabet District, just off NW 23rd, Spectacle is Portland’s answer for eyewear and eye health enthusiasts alike. We strongly believe that no one should have to choose between a thorough, pain-free eye exam, and unique, well-made eyewear. Our award-winning optometrists will ensure your vision stays clear while our expert opticians will guide you through the frame selection process with ease. If you can’t tell from our name alone, we love finding glasses for the city that loves to wear them.
This vibrant city has the best variety of everything you need for a great weekend getaway or even longer vacation. It’s outlandish locals, the dynamic downtown-spirit with microbreweries, coffee shops, odd book stores and small boutiques and the breathtaking landscape surrounding it. Spectacle fits in perfectly in the vibe of this community.

The history of your store:
Spectacle opened in the Fall of 2014 and was the dream of Dr. Marc Schmitt. After working at various clinics in the Portland area, he knew that there was a need for a clinic that truly offered the best of both the medical and optical experiences. All too often, clinics were only focused on exams and getting as many people through the door as possible, and lacked in stylish and quality frame options. Some clinics had great frame selections, but had lost sight of the importance of true patient care, and didn’t offer their patients a comprehensive exam that went past the basics. It was his goal to put both of those things together here at Spectacle.


Interesting fact about your store:
We like to think we’re a pretty diverse group here. Our staff collectively speaks 7+ languages! Not only do we have diverse cultural backgrounds, but each of us brings a really unique flavor to the office making us a really well rounded team.


Why did you choose to carry Leisure Society in your store:
Simple, we wanted to offer the best. Leisure Society fit the mold for the exclusive, fashion forward, and quality eyewear line we were looking to bring in. We love that we’re the only shop in Portland that carries the line and so do our patients!


What makes the neighborhood special (cultural significance or fun facts):
Our office is located on NW 23rd Avenue, which in Portland, is one of the most popular destination neighborhoods for tourists and out-of-towners. The neighborhood is often referred to as NW “trendy third” due to it’s recent popularity. NW 23rd is full of locally owned boutique shops, restaurants and bars, and new swanky apartment buildings, making it a fun area to live, and play in!


The best hotel / resort in your town:
One of Northwest Portland’s best hotels is the Inn at Northrup Station. It is a short walk from the popular eating and shopping areas of NW 23rd Ave, and from the Portland Street Car which can get you around town in a breeze! Their suites have a great Portland vibe with the funky decor, but make you feel at home with full kitchens and balconies.


Favorite Place to Escape to (Beach, Lake, Park, Hike, etc…):
Portland has no shortages of escapes. Being less than an hour and a half from the beach in one direction, and mountains in the other, there are too many options to choose from. Astoria is a very popular little beach town with a great atmosphere and rich history, including being home to the filming of the cult classic film, “The Goonies.” In the other direction, The Columbia River Gorge offers some of the most amazing hiking trails and views in the world. It is also home to the popular music festival Sasquatch! which attracts thousands of visitors each year.


Favorite Nearby Stores or Businesses:
One of our favorite nearby local businesses is Salt & Straw. You may have seen them featured on the Food Network as one of America’s best creameries and ice cream parlors. If it wasn’t for the usual line around the block, we would be there every day!
Sloan Boutique is also one of our favorite nearby businesses. They are also locally owned and have two shops in a couple of Portland’s trendiest neighborhoods. They offer great style unique to Portland and amazing customer service.


Favorite Eatery:
There are too many to list. If you’ve heard anything about Portland, it’s probably been about it’s amazing restaurant scene!


Favorite Bar:
We love Muu-Muu’s! It’s a Portland favorite in the NW area.