Phoenix ranks as one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation. Its beautiful weather, red rocks and gorgeous blue sky allows you to enjoy the outdoors and the activities that come with it all year-round. But Phoenix has more to offer than “just” outdoor recreation. The Phoenix Art Museum and the Palabra Hair Art Collective are only two of the very many cultural places you can visit. Between all the fun, the locals are also always trying to follow the newest trends. Framed Ewe stays up to date when it comes to eyewear. They offer sunglasses, eyeglasses, readers & vintage frames. All from independent brands like Leisure Society. Make sure to go check out their two stores if you’re in the area, it’s worth a visit. Hopefully you’ll love them as much as we do!

The history of your store:
Framed Ewe opened in 2012 when two best friends decided to go into business together. Our first store was only 65 square feet and has grown into two stores with much more retail space.


Interesting fact about your store:
Our newest and largest store at The Colony is located in an adaptive use building. Rather than tear the building down the developer and our team used the existing structure as inspiration for our store.


Why did you choose to carry Leisure Society in your store:
We wanted Leisure Society because it is literally BUTTER! Melts on your face…. that’s good.


What makes the neighborhood special (cultural significance or fun facts):
Phoenix is often thought of as the stepchild to affluent Scottsdale but our passion is Phoenix and we love stocking new and cool eyewear for our customers.


The best hotel / resort in your town:
Resort – Biltmore
Hotel – Valley Ho


Favorite Place to Escape to (Beach, Lake, Park, Hike, etc…):
Anywhere. We live to travel and are always down for a road trip.


Favorite Nearby Stores or Businesses:
Citrine Natural Beauty Bar, For the People, Ollie Vaughns, Lux Coffee, Royal Coffee, Cartel Coffee, Phoenix Art Museum, Frances Boutique, Pizzaria Bianco, Parlor, Shady’s, Valley Bar, Pho Thanh, Hub Clothing, Postino’s, Phoenix General, Growop, Changing Hands Bookstore, Welcome Diner, America’s Taco, Crescent Ballroom, Cobra Arcade Bar, Palabra Hair Art Collective.


Favorite Eatery:
The Parlor


Favorite Bar:


Favorite place to go out at night to:
Valley Bar