To adequately describe Regensburg in one sentence would be a difficult task, this 2,000-year-old history rich city has a cultural scene just as diverse as the treasures of its old quarter. Regensburg has the best preserved medieval city in Germany and some of the region’s finest architectural heritage. Authentic buildings of outstanding quality bear witness to the town’s political, religious and economic significance during the Middle Ages. Regensburg presents a perfect combination of an inviting skyline, impressive historic monuments and legendary Bavarian hospitality.  It has countless theatre and dance shows, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, cultural attractions and also has the highest concentration of bars in Germany. We caught up with Optik Lorek to tell us more about their beautiful store and the unique city of Regensburg.

The history of your store:
Optik Lorek opened earlier this year by couple Karola and Gerhard Lorek. Our “Home of finest eyewear” lives from the synergy between distinct aesthetics and excellent optical skills.


What makes your store unique:
We have meticulously designed our store to have the aesthetics and charm of a British style clubhouse. We take great pleasure in the fact that we can pamper our customers with the most exquisite and exclusive eyewear.


Why did you choose to carry Leisure Society in your store:
Eyewear brands must meets our high standards of aesthetics and quality to be in our store, we were immediately convinced of this for Leisure Society.


What makes the city special (cultural significance or fun facts):
Regensburg, also affectionately called the northernmost city in Italy, is one of Germany’s largest cities but also one of it’s oldest which gives it a very special charm. The historic monuments such as the Regensburg Cathedral and the famous Stone Bridge are always worth a visit. The wonderful old town, which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, invites you to stroll and shop it’s narrow streets of local shops and restaurants.


The best hotel / resort in your town:
Hotel Goliath am Dom for location and service. It is situated halfway between the historic city center and the Danube River. Inside there is a small cafe in the afternoon with wonderful pastries and coffee, perfect for Kaffeezeit [coffee time].


Favorite Place to Escape to (Beach, Lake, Park, Hike, etc…):
Der Herzogspark, a 1.5 hectare municipal park with small botanical gardens located on the banks of the Danube River at the western edge of the old city.


Favorite Nearby Stores or Businesses:
Hofjuwelier Mühlbacher in Ludwigstrasse 1 – Carries fine jewelry and luxury watches.
Bürsten Ernst in der Glockengasse 10 – Has everything that has to do with maintenance and cleaning, handmade brushes and brooms are their specialty. What makes the store unique is that customers can get custom brushes or brooms made for their unique cleaning needs.
The Whisky Brothers in Glockengasse 8 – A whiskey, gin, and rum specialty shop that also offers whisky tastings on most Friday evenings.


Favorite Eatery:
L’Osteria is known for the best best pizza and pasta.


Favorite Bar:
Kaminski Behind Grieb 6 – Small bar with great drinks and food.

Optik Lorek GmbH
Gesandtenstr. 22
93047 Regensburg
Tel: +49 941 58656165