Retail Report with Clamp Optometrists

— December 4th, 2012

Clamp Optometrists are a modern independent practice located in the heart of Cambridge city centre, England. Housed in a traditional Georgian style townhouse, they provide both the highest quality in eye health care services, and a carefully considered selection of frames from the best brands, designer boutiques, and bespoke ranges. We recently caught up with Daniel Hardiman-McCartney (Optometrist and Managing Director), and Gwendoline Radley (Dispensing Optician and Practice Manager) of Clamp who shared a slice of modern Cambridge life with us.

The history of your store:
“Originally a Georgian townhouse overlooking a meadow, in 1908 a Mr. Hyman opened an opticians called Hyman & Son, which after a number of name changes has become Clamp Optometrists as it’s known today. Opticians then were strictly regulated in the UK. Advertising was forbidden, and they typically only had 2-3 appointments per day. It’s been said Mr. Hyman allowed for an hour to read the paper and smoke his pipe in the morning. Rent was negotiated over a glass of Sherry.”
Interesting fact about your store:
“During the 20s and 30s the top half of our building was a Tea Room.”
Favorite Eatery:
“There is a fantastic fish and chips restaurant not far from the centre of the city, with fresh fish from Billingsgate Market in London. They also have a wet fish counter, so you can buy your fresh fish to cook at home. Yummy!”
Favorite Bar:
“The Eagle pub, a proper university pub, where Watson & Crick announced their theory on DNA.”
Favorite Club:
“Harriet’s Tea Rooms, for the finest Assam tea, rarebit, and cheese scones. Just like in a 30s movie.”
I’m always searching for the perfect:
Peace, culture, or adventure:
“All three! Culture is peace, and it’s even better when there’s adventure along the way!”
Fondest Memory:
“The first time I tried Foie Gras as it should be!”
Perfect Souvenir:
“A photo – in a scrapbook, or in our memories”
The best hotel or place to stay:
“Hotel du Vin, just around the corner. It’s a wonderful Georgian building. Great cheese board!”
A particularity/originality of the neighborhood:
“An eccentric academic walked around with a item of food tied to his head, for a couple of years. He was regularly spotted wearing a fish, or loaf of bread.”
What do you fancy about the neighborhood:
“Even though it’s a city, it feels like a small town.”
What makes the neighborhood special:
“The cyclists. Every time you cross a road they’re coming from every direction.”
Shop Anecdote:
“Everyone is married. Many of our patients are convinced we are all married to one another.”
Why did you choose to carry
Leisure Society in your store:
“The detail, craftsmanship, and of course their classic timeless appeal.”

See Leisure Society featured in Clamp Optometrists SS2013 Lookbook, HERE

Images (clockwise): Clamp Optometrists Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook featuring Leisure Society Neptune and Casuarina sunglasses, Cambridge cyclists, Hotel du Vin lounge, Billingsgate Market, Clamp Optometrists storefront, and The Eagle pub.