Saint-Tropez is known as a destination for distinguished and cosmopolitan summertime guests. It has been christened “the playground to jetsetters, fashion models and millionaires” and is most enduringly known as the place where the iconic Bridget Bardot was discovered. Located in the French Riviera, it is here that the charming boutique, The Box, is located.

What’s the most interesting fact about your store:
“It keeps alive the true spirit that has made
Saint-Tropez unique.”
What can you tell us about the
history of your store:
“I was born in Saint-Tropez. After having been gone for ages, and seeing so many
big brands being established, I decided to open a “vitrine” for creators and rare items.”
What is your favourite store in the neighborhood:
“Rondini is the creator of these typical leather sandales. A must!”
Favourite eatery:
Club 55 is a fantastic restaurant on the beach. With simple but always good mediterranean cuisine and a magical feeling created in ages.
Favourite Bar:
“For sure, Sénéquier, the red king of the port. Definitely the place to be!”
Favourite Club:
“Clubs have lost the crazyness of the 80’s… Let’s say, Les Caves du Roy. A classic!”
I’m always searching for the perfect:
Peace, culture, or adventure:
“It’s a seasonal and magical place… ADVENTURE!”
What’s your fondest memory:
“Clients from all over the world becoming friends year after year.”
The perfect souvenir:
“Sir Elton John enjoying himself in the shop.”
The best hotel or place to stay:
“Le Yaca is a very classy hotel in the old town. You feel like you’re in your hometown.”
A particularity/originality of the neighborhood:
“I’m the only shop in the middle of bars and restaurants… It’s very funny and we stay open until they close!!”
What makes the neighborhood special:
“It’s the secret part of the village… It’s lovely, real, and without tourists.”
Shop anecdote:
“Some nights I put music on and
everybody dances.”
What qualities do you like most
about Leisure Society:
“The details and elegance!”

Images (clockwise): Saint-Tropez, Club 55, Les Caves du Roy, and Hotel Le Yaca.