Located in Canada’s largest and most metropolitan city, Toronto, Spectacle is home to a cosmopolitan customer population. With its three locations, Queen Street, Lawrence Park, and the Distillery District; the services and merchandise compliment the fashionable airs of what this Canadian has become famous for: good food, incredible vintage finds, indie filmmakers and quality craftsmanship in goods, that lend themselves to smaller, but profitable enterprises. You will  see from the commentary below, Spectacle supports a clear indication, that they have grasped Toronto and captured the attention of its clients.

What’s the most interesting fact about your store:
“Our shop is the exclusive carrier of many brands in Toronto. We focus on housing popular collections as well as those still under the radar and breaking them out for the public.”
What can you tell us about the history
of your store:
“The first Spectacle location opened at 3342 Yonge St. in North Toronto. After the success of our first location, we opened a shop on Queen St. West – a very popular shopping destination in Toronto. We also opened our beautiful Distillery District location which was recently renovated and now houses the Leisure Society collection!”
What is your favourite store in the neighborhood:
“The Distillery District is quickly becoming one of Toronto’s best shopping destinations. With stores like GOTSTYLE, Mint Boutique, and small specialty shops, it’s a perfect neighbourhood for our new renovated location.”
Favourite eatery:
“Toronto is great for its wide selection of restaurants. It’s hard to choose only one. Depending on what food you’re in the mood
for, Toronto will definitely have a place for
you to go.”
Favourite Bar:
“Toronto also has countless bars. For food and drinks, Spectacle staff recommend Parts & Labour, Soho House Toronto, and 416 Snack Bar to name a few.”
Favourite Beach:
“Spectacle staff love going to the Toronto Harbourfront and the Toronto Island to spend an afternoon relaxing and having a drink.”
I’m always searching for the perfect:
“We’re always looking for the best quality eyewear to suit our customers’ medical and fashion needs!”
Peace, culture, or adventure:
“A mixture of all three!”
The best hotel or place to stay:
“Toronto has many luxury and boutique hotels that it’s hard to choose the best. Spectacle likes the Shangri-La for its patio and beautiful décor.”
A particularity/originality of the neighborhood:
“The Distillery District, where we house our Leisure Society collection, is a historical part
of Toronto. The neighbourhood is known for
its high-end shops, amazing restaurants,
and beautiful scenery.”
What makes the neighborhood special:
“The Distillery District is a unique neighbourhood in Toronto with Festivals and events which don’t occur anywhere else in the city. It has a historic feel and is a beautiful part of Toronto – a must visit area for people coming into the city.”
What you fancy about the neighborhood:
“The Distillery District is a great place to spend an entire day. There’s amazing food, shopping, art, and scenery so everything about it is perfect for a Spectacle boutique.”
What qualities do you like most about
Leisure Society:
“Leisure Society is a beautiful collection with
a high-end fashion feel while maintaining a laid back image – something very unique in
an eyewear line!”

SPECTACLE – 752 Queen St. West, Toronto M6J 1E9
Images (clockwise): The Distillery District in Toronto, 416 Snack Bar, one of the many art galleries in the district, Soho House Toronto, Spectacle on Queen St. West, the Toronto Harbourfront.