We all know that Paris is beautiful and the City of Light but what about zeroing in on an equally beautiful district in Paris – the 2nd arrondissement. Here, is located Le Caribou Opticiens.

Located on the right bank of The River Seine hosts an important business district, centered on the Opera National de Paris, which houses the city’s most dense concentration of activity. It is also the home of most of Paris’s surviving 19th century glazed commercial arcades such as Galerie Vivienne and passage Choiseul. Tucked away are the typical and charming cafés with restaurants that any local would eat at; and interesting places to visit, such as the perfume museum, Théâtre-Musée des Capucines.

What’s the most interesting fact about your store:
“We only show handmade frames, designed by passionate artists, made with luxury eyewear materials such as horn, acetate, gold or titanium.”
What can you tell us about the history
of your store:
“Opened in 2010, we wanted to present some of the nicest frames in the world, in a place matching our state of mind: A luxurious place, where you take your time and relax to pick the right frame that you will be wearing during many years.”
What is your favourite store in the neighborhood:
Favourite eatery:
“Mama Shelter”
Favourite Bar:
“Experimental Cocktail Club”
Favourite Club:
“Le Queen”
I’m always searching for the perfect:
Peace, culture, or adventure:
“Jetski lover, I like outdoors.”
What is your fondest memory:
“Too many to recall.”
A particularity/originality of the neighborhood:
“Everyone is smiling.”
What makes the neighborhood special:
“The Montorgueil area in Paris is like a little village. Everybody knows each other. It’s a place to relax in the big city.”
What you fancy about the neighborhood:
“Walking street with great atmosphere.”
A shop anecdote:
“Two of our clients met and became a couple afterwards, because they crossed each other wearing the same frame which happened to be a Leisure Society.”
Why did you choose to carry Leisure Society in your store:
“To offer to our clients, an exceptional collection and a unique style.”

Le Caribou Opticiens – 4 rue Bachaumont, 75002 Paris
Images (clockwise): Paris – 2nd Arrondissement, Kiliwatch, Le Queen,
Experimental Cocktail Club, Le Caribou Opticiens, and Mama Shelter.