So close in proximity to the French town of Nice (where the two owners of this lovely store are from), is Monaco where Opticien Créateur sits. It is a sovereign city-state located on the French Riveria, bordered by France on three sides. It’s the second smallest country in the world but its principality is governed by a Prince. The mild climate, splendid scenery and gambling facilities have made Monaco world-famous as a tourist destination and recreation center for the rich and famous.

What can you tell us about the history
of your store:

“My brother and I started our first store in 2006 with an idea of creating something different in the South of France. When we started, it was a family operation with ourselves and our parents filling in with us in front and behind the scenes to make it all come together. It was not long into the creation of our store that we found the products traditionally sold in the Côte d’Azur were not the caliber of products that we could get behind. We then discovered createur brands and decided to dedicate our store to working solely with a few brands of artisan quality. We were the first store in the South of France to introduce these brands and at first while it was a risk, as this area is rather known to be brand conscious with well known luxury brands, we have created a niche and an educated customer that is proud to wear beautifully crafted high end glasses. We started with one store in St Laurent du Var in the highly frequented commercial center Cap 3000, then in 2012 we added a stand in the same center, and this year we have been pleased to open our newest addition in Monaco with more expected overtures on the way.”
What’s the most interesting fact about your store:
“In our store in Cap 3000 we feature original art from a few varied and talented artists such as sculptures by Steph.COP and Serge Van de Put, and various paintings made to order by Deborah Furet. We have always been fans of art and believe that our store is a sort of gallery in which the statues, paintings and glasses all feature as pieces of art.”
Favorite Beach:
“If I told you… you know the rest! I have a little spot down in the Var, (South of France), well hidden away and a good hike in that is pretty paradisiacal.”
Favorite Store:
Antic Boutik, Nice, France”
Favorite Eatery:
“Chat Noir Chat Blanc, Nice, France”
Favorite Bar:
Bourbon and Branch, San Francisco, USA”
Favorite Club:
Le Passarella, Empoira Brava, Spain”
I’m always searching for the perfect:
“Perfect is not the word I would employ as I like things with character, but I find that here in the South of France finding unique, interesting and well crafted artisan men’s clothes can be hard to find… I am always more or less searching.”
Peace, culture, or adventure:
“Why not all three? For example I am currently training for a semi-marathon; which I will be fundraising for the organization Peace and Sport who uses sport to promote peace.”
The best hotel or place to stay:
“I love to stay in the family apartment in the Foux d’Allos. It is a tiny place that has not changed in decoration or utilities since I was a child, but it is full of memories, mountain air and is a peaceful respite in a busy world.”
A particularity/originality of the neighborhood:
“We are right next to an Italian café in which all the locals come to have their coffee or their glass of wine which gives it a great neighborhood feel.”
What makes the neighborhood special:
“One of the great things about Monte Carlo, Monaco is that it is such an international destination. We meet people from all over the world and all walks of life. When they leave with a pair of glasses from us we know that they have a great product as well as a souvenir.”
What you fancy about the neighborhood:
“The proximity to the Monte Carlo Casino and its gardens is pretty special.”
Why did you choose to carry Leisure Society in your store:
“Classy models reminiscent of belle époque eras past, well crafted, sleek designs with wide appeal… The question is not why did we choose to carry Leisure Society, the question is, how could we not?”

27 Avenue de la Costa
98011 Monaco

Centre Commercial Cap3000, Avenue Eugène Donadeï
06700 Saint-Laurent du Var

Images (top to bottom): The beautiful scenery of Monaco, Interior view of Opticien Créateur, Chat Noir Chat Blanc, Antic Boutik.